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Image of Marie Clarcq abroad with school children.

Marie Clarcq, study abroad site visit in Costa Rica, January 2012

2013 MSW Students

Kathleen (Katie) Witmer, MSW 2013, was in Seoul, Republic of Korea, for her final internship placement and worked with the advocacy and service organization Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network. Read her blog from Spring 2013, Social Welfare in Korea: Land of the Morning Calm.

2014 MSW Students

Katie Keith and Kristine Stull, both Advanced Year MSW students, will be in Tanzania this spring. For their internships, they are partnering with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa and will be working in the Jipe Moyo Centre in Musoma, Tanzania, from January through May 2014. Due to the inconsistent supply of electricity to the town, blogging about their experiences will not be possible. However, watch for some YouTube videos they plan to put up later in the semester.

In Musoma, Katie and Kristine will be working with vulnerable children, in the counseling program, and training Jipe Moyo clients. Their main focus will be on restructuring this grassroots agency for sustainability and increased self-sufficiency, through program development and assistance with grant writing and fundraising, as well as training and empowering local staff to achieve growth and expansion of services. Says Katie, "While we are personally excited for this amazing adventure, we view it as an opportunity to produce positive change, establish sustainability, and create long-term effects for Jipe Moyo and the local community."


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