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Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education reaffirms UB's Master of Social Work accreditation for 8 years

Great news...we just heard from CSWE that the Council voted to reaffirm our MSW program for 8 years (ending October 2019). As part of its re-accreditation process, the UBSSW conducted an Alternative Reaffirmation Project, "Developing Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications of a Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perspective in Social Work Practice," and integrated a trauma-informed and human rights perspective throughout the foundation and advanced year curriculum (see link below). Community agencies played a critical role in project activities. As part of the project, the school developed a web-based Self-Care Starter Kit and a resource center that includes trauma-informed and human rights resources, such as curricular modules, podcasts, and special events.


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