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Associate Professor Barbara Rittner Reappointed to CSWE Commission on Research

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Congratulations to Associate Professor Barbara Rittner who has been reappointed to the CSWE Commission on Research for another 3-year term (2013-2016.)

CSWE Commission on Research

"The Commission on Research shall be the focal point for educational research in CSWE. The Commission shall provide leadership for developing policy positions and promote social work education-based research that is carried out by CSWE and its constituent programs.

The Commission, in concert with other Commissions and Councils, shall identify and advocate for new and expanded public and private resources that advance the profession’s research agenda, which can be used within social work and higher education, as well as with government agencies and the public. The Commission’s purpose will be carried out by working with CSWE stakeholders, including the CSWE Commissions, Councils, work groups and task forces, and the Leadership Forum.

The Commission will identify emerging areas of research and research methodologies in social work education; encourage and promote the development of curriculum tools and professional development opportunities with the goal of improving the teaching of research and evidence-based practice at all levels of social work education; and speak to research ethics, study design, and research administration in terms of CSWE quality assurance and educational policy briefs. The full scope of work will be reviewed and determined on an annual basis and reflect the context of higher education as well as social work education and research more specifically."


Contact Person: Sarah Watson
Contact Phone: 716-645-1259
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