Making a Difference

Why Social Work?

Image of our PhD students.

A social work degree opens up more career paths than any other comparable degree. No other degree encompasses this breadth:

  • Therapist, planner, community organizer, executive director, policy analyst, researcher
  • Work across systems: individuals, families of all forms, groups, organizations, neighborhoods, service systems, communities, regions, states, nations
  • Every field of practice: addictions, aging, anti-poverty, child welfare, criminal justice, disabilities, health, mental health, social development, social justice, trauma … just to name a few!
  • Work with people: in schools, hospitals, prisons, the military, clinics, agencies, government, communities.
  • Work on behalf of the vulnerable and oppressed in society to “challenge social injustice,” to end discrimination, to address poverty, and to promote meaningful change.
  • Build on strengths, support growth, prevent problems, ameliorate long-standing problems, advocate for change, develop innovative interventions, lead an organization, unravel the causes of complex social problems, study what works, educate the next generation of social workers

These are just some of the opportunities provided to you by becoming a social worker. Only a degree in social work opens ALL of these doors and many others.

Live Large. Choose Social Work.