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The Skills and Dynamics of Teaching: Addressing the Hidden Group in the Classroom

New Teaching Manual: The Dynamics and Skills of Classroom Teaching: Integrating Content and Process in a Social Work Practice Course

This is a teaching manual published by the Council on Social Work Education. It is available on the new CSWE Electronic Resources page with a no-cost download.

An expert in teaching, Professor Lawrence Shulman presents video recordings from seven one-hour sessions of an ongoing voluntary workshop on teaching. Professor Shulman has led or co-led invited Faculty Development Institutes at over 25 CSWE annual meetings and has trained more than 500 social work faculty members.

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You can also download a version of this program to run off of your local computer. The files are in a .zip archive and you will need to extract them to work on your local computer. Please note that the file size is over 2 GB and it will take a while to download on slower connections.

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You can also download an image file that you can then burn onto a DVD. To do this download the .ISO file, then double click on it to burn it to DVD. Please note that the contents will not fit on a CD, so you need a DVD writer in order to use this option.

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Finally, you can take these video segments with you to view on your MP3 player. Please use the following link and follow the instructions to access the videos through iTunes U.

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