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Self-Care Starter Kit

Arenas of Self-Care. Self-Care Infographic.

Professional self-care is an essential social work survival skill. We've developed a starter kit on self-care for our students that might be of some use to other beginning social work professionals. While the kit does not address all that goes into developing the skill of professional self-care, it does begin the journey.

Below are links to self-care topics, and there are additional materials within each. We recommend you start with the Developing Your Self-Care Plans page. In any case, we hope you will find many ideas and resources in these pages to help you maintain and enhance your well-being in all the important domains of your life, now and in the future. Good luck!!

Introduction to Our Self-Care Program

Developing Your Self-Care Plan(s)

Developing Your Support System

Self-Assessment Checklists and Measures

Self-Care Exercises and Activities

Self-Care Readings

Inspirational Materials

Self-Care Bibliography

Online and Other Self-Care Resources

Student Feedback on Self-Care